Registration Is Open for RACE: A Dharma Door

Join us in this virtual six-month training to learn skillful ways to understand and practice with race, racism, and intersectionality. We can welcome in our ignorance and pain and transform this mud into lotuses of understanding, compassion, and peace. Every attempt will be made to maintain a balance of BIPOC and non-BIPOC participants at a 60:40 ratio.


3 thoughts on “Registration Is Open for RACE: A Dharma Door”

    1. Dear Peggy, thank you for your interest. Most of the sessions will be facilitated by ARISE Core Group members (listed on this page: We will have some guest facilitators. I will check with the Training Committee to see if they are ready to release a schedule.

  1. Would like to know the facilitators’ bios and more about the training. Love the teachings of Thich Nhat Hahn and appreciate this training’s intention to delve into this necessary personal and societal exploration for humanity’s healing.

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