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Our first quarterly newsletter is out!

September 2019

* The Origins of ARISE
In May 2019, Antoinette Gonzalez and Victoria Mausisa were invited on KPFA local radio to discuss ARISE and the living legacy of Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh and the Plum Village tradition.

* Practicing with the Four Noble Truths in the World 
The First Noble Truth: The suffering of racial injustice exists, by Marisela Gomez

* I Can Breathe
A Meditation on Surviving Acts of Hatred, by Rev. Zenju Earthlyn Manuel

* Webinar
Sunday, November 17, 2019 at 8am Pacific/11am Eastern

* Call for Volunteers

* Passage from Fragrant Palm Leaves
Engage Buddhism in Vietnam teaches that good works do not need to be reserved for the pagoda, but can be extended to towns and villages.

* Resources
DVD: Race, the Power of an Illusion from PBS
The 1619 Project from the NY Times
My Grandmother’s Hands by Resmaa Menekam

* Holy
A musical meditation from the CD Mountains of Interbeing

* Gatha for Healing Racial, Systemic and Social Inequity

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