Community Survey Shows Need for More Leaders of Color

In 2015, ARISE Sangha distributed a community survey to help determine priorities on which to focus our efforts.

One of the top responses identified in the survey results was the need more leaders of color in our mahasangha.  As a result of this response, the ARISE People Of Color (POC) Subgroup convened to discuss and create proposals to address this specific need.  Three examples, among many, that emerged are:

  1. Gather together POC Leaders, Order of Interbeing (OI) members, OI Aspirants, Sangha Leaders/Facilitators and others to explore the topic of POC Leadership. What support is needed to develop leadership?  What new ways of structure/process do we need to cultivate POC leadership?

  2. Obtain demographics of Order of Interbeing members and Dharma Teachers

  3. Re-imagine retreats – can we reconsider the cost of retreats and create different methods to hold retreats?

How do we move towards greater inclusivity?  What deeper healing and understanding needs to occur?  What processes and structures need to be examined more deeply to create change and inclusivity?

These are questions we are exploring and invite you to join us in this exploration and change. Please feel free to leave a comment below or contact us at or on Facebook if you have experiences or ideas to share.

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